twisted tree
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My name is Krysty, I spent my whole life fighting disease. I regained my health a few years ago through studying the laws of life. In healing myself of illness and losing 125 lbs I found a deep passion for life. I have always been into creating different kinds of art. After I found my life essence I wanted to put that into something that would remind me of the gift that beats through my veins. I already had a jewelry business and I had a deep love for trees, for they are a symbol of the essence of life. I love how their stillness calms my soul in deep rhythms of serenity. I played with stones and metal for a while until I came up with the tree necklaces you see now. I make all kinds of jewelry and do custom orders. I also do wedding party jewelry. I plan someday to devote my time to helping others regain their health and take back their lives as well. This project will be funding the raising of my beautiful daughter and future projects to help others CELEBRATE LIFE!!!.